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Picco Attila

Picco Attila  2018

An exciting red wine find with a black plum, dark chocolate kick!

Red - Full bodied
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Beyond the Label
Picco Attila
Wine file
Red - Full bodied
13.0% ABV
0.0 Units
750.0 ML
31 December, 2022
Wine Summary
If you enjoy discovering some of the thousand or so grape varieties most people have never heard of, try this! The vineyards of Italy’s northeast have long been renowned for whites but in the Colli Orientali around a third of the wines are red, and they too are worthy of attention. Aside from Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, local varieties such as Refosco provide original and distinctive wines in refreshing, food friendly styles. Picco Attila was aged in large oak botti (vats) and caught the attention of our Buyer during a trip to the region. Not just for its dark damson, fig and prune character but also for its value. Winemaker Alessandro Gallici likes to serve the wine with rich game or creamy polenta with pumpkin, a local favourite.